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by Pete Prodoehl

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    • Gather materials listed in details section.

    • Print out template (double-sided).

    • Snip away and save instructions portions of the template so you can follow them after cutting project out.

    • Cut around perimeter of Pi Pie project itself (including fork key).

    • Follow instructions to assemble circuit, taking care to use the tape loop under your battery and to prepare the slit as indicated on the circuit assembly instructions.

    • Use a pencil to curl long grey "pie plate" rectangle into a generally curved shape.

    • Fold upper tabs down away from the rest of the pie. Fold lower tabs upward away from the instructional text.

    • Fold where pie meets pie plate wall and where pie plate bottom meets pie plate wall.

    • Apply hot glue to one set of tabs at a time and wrap/press pie plate wall to each set of tabs as you work around the circumference of the pie.

    • Follow instructions to complete the fork key.

    • Insert fork key (Maker Tape end first) into the slit that you prepared as part of your circuit assembly instructions.

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