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by Joshua


The Robot Buddy Body template isn't overly difficult to cut and fold, however if you've got a large group of kids and want to move an activity along at a brisk pace you can always use a Cameo Silhouette paper cutter to speed things up. Here you'll find a modified version of the template that's been set up to both cut and score the paper. We've provided a version in the Cameo Silhouette software as well as a generic DXF file that can be imported into other software.


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  1. Download this Zip file with both documents in it.
    • Download this Zip file with both documents in it.

    • If you're using the Cameo file then we've already set things up for you. You'll need to go into the "Send" setting and make sure that you set up the Black lines for cut and Blue lines for score. You may need to mess with the depth and pressure to get things working properly with your specific paper.

    • To use the DXF file just drop it into your Cameo (or other) software.

    • Resize the graphic to fit an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

    • Highly everything and "Ungroup All".

    • Select each dotted line individually. Change it to a solid line and change the color to blue. All the dotted lines need to be solid and the same color.

    • Go to the "Send" area and set up each color. Black is cut, and Blue is Score.

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